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This page details projects undertaken over the last 7 years, in date order. If there are major resources associated with the project a link is included.

Judge Business School Oct 2016 to Dec 2016 - Supported an MBA project team of five students at the Judge Business School, working with a local Cambridge company on the market feasibility of a technology partnership which would lead the company into a completely new area.

Judge Business School Oct 2015 to Dec 2015 - Advised and provided support to an MBA project team at the Judge Business School, examining the feasibility of a new delivery service. This has since been taken up by the sponsor and is being rolled out.

Dolby Labs and BT Jun 2013 - Oct 2013 A research project, sponsored by Dolby Labs and BT looked at how people are using conferencing technologies in their firms. Respondents were interviewed in the US, UK, China and Australia. Three reports called, 'Conversations, Conferencing and Collaboration', were presented to press and media at the end of the research. The reports, US, UK and Asia Pacific included recommendations on how meetings where one or more of the participants are remote can be made more efficient. The reports and recommendations can be seen here.

Materials Science Cambridge Jun 2013 - Provided support and advice to the University of Cambridge Materials Science team at their Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition - "Electric Carbon" This event was the first time an electric motor and transformer, wound with a new material made entirely of carbon nanotubes, was shown to the public. Link to event publicity is here.

Raspberry Pi and Judge Business School Oct 2011 to Dec 2011 - Mentored a team of MBA students at the Judge Business School who developed a successful marketing strategy for the Raspberry Pi organisation. This involved calling upon links with some of the One Laptop per Child founders, who provided both unique insight and experience to the Cambridge team. The strategy for marketing and manufacturing was taken up by Raspberry Pi and has proved to be very successful.

Engineering Design Centre Cambridge Oct 2010-Jul 2011 - Advised and led an international research collaboration, with university teams in the UK, US, China and Australia examining the impact of communications technology on people, at home and at work, young and old. The outcome of the research was presented to press and media on the 5th of July 2011 at the Design Council and included recommendations on how people can make better use and feel better about using communications technology. All of the research and recommendations can be accessed here.

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