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Dec 2018 - Pembroke College Cambridge, Corporate Partnership Programme, Testimonials, A Case Study of Successful Industry Academic Partnership: "A tremendous research challenge: How are people really using media and technology in their lives?" - By Jeff Patmore, 11th December 2018

Dec 2016 - Pembroke College: 20 years of the Corporate Partnership Programme - "Collaboration through Pembroke", by Jeff Patmore

May 2016 - "Martlet, May 2016, page 15." (The Martlet is Pembroke College’s colourful alumni magazine).
A short piece, written by Jeff Patmore, was published on an article written in March 2015; "Messages from Space: 50 years of the communication revolution" The original article had attracted over 2,500 views on Linkedin (now over 5,000)

Jan 2015 - The Guardian (UK) - "Jeffsthoughts", short pieces published on-line by the Guardian Newspaper

Jan 2014 - London School of Economics and Political Science (UK) - Impact blog - "Social scientists provide valuable insight for the private sector into how people live and interact with technology", Managing Editor: Kieran Booluck, 29th Jan 2014

Jan 2014 - social science space (UK) - a space to explore, share and shape the issues facing social scientists - "Why is social science so critical to our future?", Global publishing director SAGE, Ziyad Marar, 22nd January 2014

Apr 2013 - Walkerstone News Blog (UK) - "Is Communication About To Change?", written by Richard Walker

Oct 2011 - Enterprise Innovation (Asia) - “Dealing with e-mail, task-switching, and productivity", based on an article by Jeff Patmore, 18th October 2011

Aug 2011 - GRADCRACKER: Careers for STEM students (UK) - "Study shows some families have taken steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed by communications technologies", MD Gradcracker Ltd, Sean O'Connor, 11th August 2011

Jul 2011 - PC Pro Magazine (UK) - Q&A: why children need a balanced "diet" of technology - Nicole Kobie, 6th Jul 2011

Oct 2010 - X Prize Foundation (US) - BT Global Banking and Financial Markets working with the foundation, sponsored a video
about working with Universities (Filmed at the MIT Media Lab)
This also featured Howard Boville (BT GB&FM Head of Financial Markets and Trading Systems)
& Steve Whittaker (BT Head of Strategic US University Research Partnerships)

May 2010 - MIT Centre for Digital Business (US) - “Strategies for Entering New Business Areas by Leveraging Cloud Computing Technologies”, written by Mona Masghati, 24th May 2010

May 2010 - MIT Corporate News (US) - "Making the Right Connections at MIT", written by Marie-Teresa Vander Sande , 5th May 2010

Apr 2010 - MIT Technology Review (US) - "10 Breakthrough Technologies (2010)" - TR10: Social TV: Relying on relationships to rebuild TV audiences., WILLIAM M. BULKELEY, Tuesday April 20 2010

Jan 2010 - MIT Technology Review (US) - "Making TV Social, Virtually" - What happens when your online pals meet your TV?, written by Erika Jonietz, January 11, 2010

June 2009 - Top Floor Magazine (UK) - "Beyond the conventional models of University~Business Interaction" UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~ IRC), Cambridge

May 2009 - CBS News (US) - "Four Ways Academia Can Help Your Business" By JULIAN GOLDSMITH (MONEYWATCH) May 20, 2009, 7:48 AM EDT

Jan 2009 - Warwick Business School (UK) - "Enterprise 2.0 - Will it really deliver?"

Prior to a talk at Warwick Business School Professor Harry Scarbrough asks the questions:
How have 'Web 2.0' tool been adopted in large organizations & what has been the impact on the bottom line and on the employees?

Nov 2008 - Financial Times (UK) - "What did the ancient Greeks ever do for us?" - written by David Turner, November 6, 2008 2:00am

Jun 2008 - CBS News (US) - "Calling All Cultural Experts" - written By JOANNA HIGGINS (MONEYWATCH), Jun 18, 2008 12:28 PM EDT

May 2007 - Cambridge University News (UK) - "The changing face of BT" - written by Jane Moorman, Pembroke College Development Office, May 4, 2007

Sep 2006 - Issue 1 University of Cambridge Research Horizons (University of Cambridge research magazine) - article on research sponsored by J Patmore on broadband and communities - China and UK. link to magazine

Jul 2006 - Ragtime News (UK) "Where Science Fiction Meets Reality" - written by Richard Walker, Editor, Ragtime, Jul 30, 2006 [© Ragtime Ltd 2006]

Jul 2004 - Usability News (UK) - "RSA Inclusive Worlds Design Awards, Recognise New Talent" - Source: UN, 1 July 2004

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