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This page contains an archive, by date, of all published articles, blogs and books.


"Technology and our world" - December 18, 2012

"Galaxies assemble stars in a smooth fashion" - December 13, 2012

"A Picture of Maths" - April 23, 2012 written with Tanya Goldhaber (University of Cambridge) & Anna Mieczakowski (University of Cambridge)

Designing Inclusive Systems - Understandable by Design: How Can Products be Designed to Align with User Experience? Authors, A. Mieczakowski, P. M. Langdon, R. H. Bracewell, J. J. Patmore, P. J. Clarkson. Published, March 9, 2012
ISBN number, (Print), 978-1-4471-2866-3, ISBN number, (Online), 978-1-4471-2867-0


"Innovation and Hanging-Out" - July 11, 2011 written with Anna Mieczakowski (University of Cambridge)

"Baking in Philosophy" - July 11, 2011 written with Sue Hessey (BT Research)

"E-mail, task-switching, and productivity" - June 15, 2011 written with Tanya Goldhaber (University of Cambridge)

"Information and the web a better way" - March 28, 2011

"Some great advice from a remarkable woman " - 28th March 2011

"Understanding Reflection " - 5th February 2011 written with Tanya Goldhaber (University of Cambridge) and Ben Hardy (JBS, University of Cambridge)

"Nano technology the next giant leap forward" - 22nd January 2011

"Darwinism and the Internet – it's about survival of the clickiest" - 17th January 2011


"What goes around comes around now even faster" - 29th November 2010 written with Tanya Goldhaber (University of Cambridge)

"The rise of applications" - 30th September 2010 written with Tanya Goldhaber (University of Cambridge)

"Inspired by inspiration" - 30th September 2010

"Times they are a changing" - 3rd September 2010

"Social TV: From idea to service" - 30th August 2010

"Still living in this world of exponential change" - 19th August 2010

"The future of television: Social_TV" - 14th June 2010 written with Tanya Goldhaber (University of Cambridge)

"A change for good" - 7th April 2010


"It's not just about working with world class academics…" - 3rd November 2009 (from Web Archive)

"Paving the way for Enterprise 2.0" - 20th February 2009


"Actionable Insight Pays Dividends" - 23rd December 2008 (from Web Archive)

"how r u? - the social side of technology" - 28th October 2008


"Is the web the ultimate social network" - 22nd November 2007

"Living in a world of exponential change" - 30th July 2007


"Broadband in China its a culture thing" - 22nd September 2006


"A society of minds" - October 2005


'An Institute for Ideas' - (BT innovation and technology e-zine) June 2004

'Don't lose it re-use it!' - Using RFID labels to aid in re-cycling - January 2004 (Web Archive)


Why have a vacuum, when you can have a think tank?' - Article on BT's relationships with Universities, October 2003 (Web Archive)

Book - Inclusive Design: Design for the whole population - Chapter 14 - Internet Usability, written with Lisa Mahoney (Book edited by John Clarkson) ISBN 1852337001 9781852337001


"Internet Usability - BT Sphere" - March 2002

"Making the internet work for you" - April 2002

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